Friday, February 8, 2008


Now for some fun ;-). A friend asked me for a Vim macro this morning to strip all but the text contained with the double quotes of a file with the following format:

<option value="Automotive">Automotive</option>
<option value="Banking">Banking</option>
<option value="Biotech">Biotech</option>


After the macro it would be:


Initially, I came up with the following sequence (macro storage command omitted):

df"f"d$j0 (9 chars)

This works fine, but my OCD kicked in, and I decided to make it shorter:

df"f"D+ (7 chars)

For a brief moment, I thought this was as short as I could make it, but then...

df"wD+ (6 chars)

As far as I know, this is the shortest possible macro to accomplish this task, but I would love to be proven wrong.


My friend Chris Sutter has contributed another solution using text objects that is pretty nifty.

di"Vp (5 chars)

or if you want to jump to next line as with the previous 6 char macro:

di"Vgp (6 chars)

Good stuff... thanks Chris!


Unknown said...


a bit longer, but no macro repetition necessary

(sa)MAMMON said...

I don't like the shorter version you had (df"wD+ (6 chars)), becuase it uses w to go to the next word. If an entry had a non-word character, it wouldn't work. The f" was better in that regard.

However, the di"Vp is brilliant. I have never heard of text objects. Must investigate...

dominiko said...

How about: