Thursday, December 3, 2009

More on Text States

A few people have asked me for more information on text states. An anonymous reader contributed the following in the comments of my previous post on the topic.

Using g+ and g- is very different than using u and ^r.

Try following:
* Create new file
* (in normal mode) Type iOne - Esc
* Type oTwo - Esc
* Type oThree - Esc
* Type oFour - Esc
* Type oFive - Esc
* Type 2u
* Type oSix - Esc
* Type oSeven - Esc

Now you have an undo tree with 2 branches. Typing u only goes up the last branch. Using g- goes up by time - branch doesn't matter here.

Have a look in :help usr_32.txt for good explanation of using the undo tree.

Thanks to whomever contributed the tip!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that my tip was helpful, Travis.

Anonymous said...

here is a diagram illustrating the example from :help undo-branches

It should hopefully make understanding that example a little easier.

Anonymous said...

This plugin certainly helps navigating undo-branches :).

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