Monday, November 23, 2009

Indent From Insert

In the comments of my last post, graywh left a great tip that I didn't know about. If you're working in insert mode, you can change the indent level of the current line using <C-t> and <C-d>. These commands work no matter where your cursor is positioned on the current line and adjust the indent level based on your shiftwidth setting.


Douglas said...

Also, if you want to ditch all indent and just start at the beginning of the line again, type Ctrl-U (delete to start of line). Before you've typed anything valuable, obviously.

Unknown said...

Ctrl-T and Ctrl-D have been around since old-skool "vi" days, before "vim" was even a twinkle in Bram's eye.

It's good to see that people sometimes (re-)discover the ancient incantations; still makes me feel old, but a little less out of touch ;-)

Tomasz said...

Say what you want, Steve, but this mere fact that i keep discovering vim and it still surprises me with things i had no idea they exist makes using it really fantastic.

btw, few days ago i went for VimMPC as a replacement for (kranky) gui players (rhythmbox etc).. i tweaked script a little.. and it's really great :). it's not exactly a vim feature, but certainly shows it's not just an editor :)

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