Friday, September 18, 2009

Resizing with GNU Screen

I know a lot of you use screen frequently. My friend Chris gave me a tip recently related to resizing split windows in a screen session.

In screen, you can do <C-a>:resize [+-]N<CR> to resize a window +/- N lines

This is handy if you've got a cmd running and want to see when it's done. You can split the screen, load it in one window, and resize it to be small; thereby, preventing it from occupying valuable real estate on your monitor.

Screen has a handful of : commands such as :number N to change the numeric position of the current window. Take a look at the DEFAULT KEY BINDINGS section of man(1) screen for the the full list (parenthesized next to each key binding).

For more screen tips, check out the screen extravaganza posted back in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

If you just want to know when your command finishes, you can also monitor that window for silence: C-a _ (if the command produces output) or for activity: C-a M.