Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snippit Support

Next time someone who uses TextMate starts blabbering on about how awesome snippits are, politely remind them that Vim supports snippits as well. You can download the snippitsEmu plugin here, and it works quite well. For those unfamilar with snippits, they allow tab-style completion of boilerplate code. For example, you might type class, hit tab, and then a template for a class will be expanded based on the current filetype Vim is set to.

Update: Several readers have cited snipMate as a preferred alternative to snippitsEmu. Thanks guys!


telenieko said...

There's also SnipMate

Jiyuu said...

Another one is xptemplateI really like is popup menu showing all available snippets.

Unknown said...

SnipMate is much better in my opinion, and it's still being maintained.

Anonymous said...

In this XPTemplate video there is this pulldown code browser while he is typing. Is it a standard feature in Vim?


Unknown said...

I ask everyone in the Vim community to recommend SnipMate, it's much, much better than snippetsEmu.

Ayman said...

I used SnippetEMu before but was not impressed, and it was not updated for a while.
Now I just tried both, XPT and SnipMate, and SnipMate is waaay much better to use and extend. XPTemplate seems more complicated than need be.

Tim D said...

I've been using XPTemplate plugin off and on.

Saves time when your repeating a particular code structure on a regular basis.