Friday, June 5, 2009

Screen in OS X Leopard

Sorry for the horribly platform specific tip, but this has been annoying me, and I thought it might help someone. If you're running OS X 10.5, you may have noticed that screen destroys your path when you start it. This can easily be remedied by putting the following in your ~/.screenrc.

shell -/bin/bash


Martin Bright said...

Thanks! Annoying problem: solved.

freegnu said...

Here's a konsole tip. Change the shell in the default profile from /bin/bash to /bin/bash -l to get your .profile file sourced in each konsole window. If you are a screen junky like me and use the new screen profiles from ubuntu and screen-launcher it will launch or reconnect to your current screen. Removing the need to open multiple konsole tabs and/or windows.

Anonymous said...

let me recommend you something else, which might be even a better solution:

shell -$SHELL

Unknown said...

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