Monday, August 18, 2008


After a lot of hardwork and research, Grooveshark, the company I work for has released the next iteration of Grooveshark Lite, our web-based music discovery service. The newest release of the service supports an Autoplay feature, which generates recommendations based upon your listening habits. At the simplest level, you can just drop a few songs in your queue, click Autoplay, and the system will provide a continuous stream of songs based on feedback you provide.

The system uses a combination of statistically generated relational data and expert driven recommendations to provide what we hope is a very enjoyable play experience. Of course, this is a beta, so forgive me if it's not always 100% to your liking. Myself and a few other employees have had a large role in the design of this system, and I have to say that it's been one of the more interesting and challenging projects I've worked on.

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Some Interesting Artists I've found using Autoplay:

Kathleen Edwards

The Bird & The Bee

The Shylights

The National

Gogol Bordello


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a reader of your blog and I didn't know you worked for Grooveshark. Then today I found a story about it in my RSS reader and after checking the Autoplay out and continuing reading my stories, here your post pops :)
Anyway good work!

Sean said...

Thanks for the link!

Adam said...

also started reading the blog recently, and grooveshark seems like a good choice. I'd been using and pandora, but they're less satisfying.