Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Number Pad Madness

A friend of mine was trying to use the numpad inside Vim using Putty (Win32 SSH Client). Unfortunately, this wasn't working for him and was just echoing a bunch of alphabetic characters to his term. After looking online for a few minutes, we found a fix.

Go into Terminal->Features-> and check in "Disable Application keypad mode". Hopefully this helps some Windows users out there.


Anonymous said...

you sure it isn't disabling application "keypad mode" instead of cursor keys mode?
because that's what worked for me.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's the option next to that, disable "application keypad mode" that worked for me

Travis Whitton said...

You guys are correct. Sorry for the confusion. The options are next to each other. I'll fix the tip. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hint ! you save the world :)