Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repeat Last Macro

There are times I want to repeat a macro just a few times. I know you can do count@{0-9a-z":*} but sometimes I don't feel like counting. You can use @@ to repeat the last macro, and it's an easy command to type very quickly, so it fits the bill.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Travis. You just saved my job.

Unknown said...

Fantastic advice, very useful for adding stuff in the beginning of a line. When I print of large amounts of text in IDL, you need to put print,' string goes here '.

So I define the macro which puts the print, ' in the begining and the ' in the end and with your advice, it's a piece of cake to do that for 50 lines. Just need to make sure I get my finger of the @ in time...

Many thanks!