Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There's a plugin for firefox which allows firefox to behave more like Vim. Some of the features include:

* Vim-like keybindings (h,j,k,l,gg,G,0,$,ZZ,,etc.)
* Ex commands (:quit, :open, ...)
* Hit-a-hint like navigation of links (start with 'f' to follow a link)
* Vim-like statusline with a wget-like progress bar
* Macros to replay key strokes


The author really threw in the kitchen sink. I've seen my co-worker using this, and it's SUPER cool.

Vimperator Plugin


davidbe said...

This wiki contains usefull information:

On the tips & tricks page you can find how to disable the vimperator keys everytime you come on a certain site. I use this to e.g. for greader.

Anonymous said...

Vimperator is great, I have a write up on customizing it here:

der bronsen said...

I have been using vimperator for a few days now. I first saw it on a friend's laptop and was intrigued by the name.

When you know basic vim-fu, vimperator will feel natural. In the past I had accidently tried to close my browser with :q, and now I can! I love it.

Anonymous said...

People might be interested in Muttator for Thunderbird as well.

Dotan Cohen said...

It is actually Vimperator that got me interested in VIM! I've been using Vimperator for about half a year now, and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I've been using vim for a very long time. I'll give vimperator a try. As far i understand from the comments, it is an add-on for the ones who have vim fixation.

I know it's old news, but let me remind again: As you may already know "gmail" has already kinda vim support, you could use some vim keys with gmail.